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Hailstorm affects daily life in Pokhara (Photos)

  • OVN
  • February 20, 2022
Hailstorm affects daily life in Pokhara (Photos)

Pokhara-Heavy hailstorm has affected people's lives in Pokhara today. Most of the roads in Pokhara had been covered in hail, since the hailstorm started at 1 pm and continued till 4:30 pm. 

As a result, vehicles and pedestrians were left struggling on the roads of Pokhara. According to the District Traffic Police Office, the hailstones have been removed with the help of excavators in the main market areas of Pokhara including Mahendrapul, Chipledhunga, New Road, Nayabazar, Sirjanachowk and Ranipauwa.

According to the Metropolitan Agriculture Development Division, the hailstorm has damaged winter crops and vegetables including cauliflower and cabbage. Farmers of wards no. 18, 20, 16, 25, 22 and 14 of the metropolis have been affected by the hail. -RSS